LotR: The Confrontation

Can’t get this one to load guys.

Has anyone else tried and successfully loaded this mod? If so please post back with tips.

I don’t think the designer is a member (at least I didn’t see him on the member list) so I don’t think I’m going to get any help there.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

The download file is a zipped file containing the module and rules, you need to unzip it and then launch the module.

I can’t unzip the compressed folder. I changed the file type suffix to .zip and windows recognizes the download as a zipped folder but I get an error message to “load the second volume” when I attempt to decompress it.

I did try to help myself and download another mod that I know is packaged in a zipped folder (vs a zipped file) and try to unzip it. I had no problems with the other zip folder.

I will try to decompress it again when I get home and have access to my desktop but if you see something in my post that might be a clue to whats wrong please post back.

Thanks for the advice to date.