Mac - document Kind in Finder

When listing Vassal files in Finder on Mac 12.3.1 they are all identified as ‘Kind’ ‘Vassal Document’, rather than ‘VASSAL module’, VASSAL log’, etc…

Looking in the Contents/Info.plist file I see ‘vmod’ extension identified as ‘VASSAL Module’, but that either isn’t configured correctly or doesn’t work, and nothing for the other file types.

Not a high priority by any stretch, but curious if this can be updated to indicate the correct VASSAL file type.

What would we need to update for that? I don’t know what controls it.

On my system (still MacOS 12.2.1, updating tonight), I’ve done nothing other than install VASSAL and in Finder I see the following reported as the Kind for the different file extensions:

.vmod: VASSAL Module
.vlog: Document
.vsav: Document

I just checked my MacBook Pro, which is still on 12.2.1 but otherwise configured the same as the Mac Mini (it was set up from the MBP), and it reports ‘VASSAL Module’ for Kind. Perhaps it’s a 12.2.1/12.3.1 thing. I’ll be updating the MBP soon, so will keep an eye on it.

MBP updated to 12.3.1 and it still reports ‘Vassal Module’. Looks like there’s something with the config of my Mac Mini, although I have no idea how/what/when, or what the fix might be. Meh. Nothing to be done on the Vassal side.