Mac Download Problem

I have downloaded Vassal. (assuming 1.3)
When I open Vassal it takes me to Vassal Tour 1.3.
The line above it for module library is empty so I can’t access it.

After I finish the tour I cannot open the saved game file from my opponent. He has a PC and sent me the module which I attached below.

How can I get Vassal to work?

I have MAC OS 10.15.1 (Catalina).
I have Java Version 8 update 231 (1.8.0_231-b11.

Marshall Collins

/Users/MarshallCollins/Desktop/WftU 11-11-19 a.vsav

VASSAL doesn’t open saves. You need to first open the module file. What you attached is the game log (vsav). What you are looking for is the vmod file. Since you are in Catalina, you’ll want to put all your VASSAL modules/etc in a place that isn’t being locked down by the OS. I suggest creating a folder called VASSAL in your Home folder (aka ~/VASSAL). Drop the module file in there. Open the module from the VASSAL module library. It’ll pop it’s start screen, then open the save file from that module.

VASSAL is the platform, the modules are the games.

Thanks. But the problem appears to be that my MAC Operating System won’t let me start a game.
I cannot get the game started. The only thing it will let do is go to the Vassal Tour. The module library above the tour icon cannot be accessed.

Did you place your game module into a folder that isn’t your Documents, Downloads, Desktop, etc folder like ~/VASSAL? That should help you with the new OS file protection scheme with unsigned apps.

down loaded catalina cant open vassal application at all

it wont open the libary i had before