Made changes to Pandemic module, how to upload?

I’ve tried a few times to contact the person listed as having created the Pandemic module to suggest some changes, but I’ve never heard anything back. I went ahead and made the changes myself now, but without being added as a “contributor” to the Pandemic page, I’m not sure how I would offer that. I wouldn’t want to “overwrite” the original, unless that person wanted, but I think this new version should be in the Files section as an alternative version. Otherwise, I’ll just upload it to my own server and make posts about it here and on BGG, but I’m wondering what would normally be done in this case. Do we need to add another entry entirely for Pandemic? Though I really appreciate the work that was done to make the original module, I don’t think that should be the only or “definitive” Vassal version, considering some of the improvements for making it easier to play that I was able to add.

If you can not get in contact with the original author, let RK know and he can add you as a contributor.
There is no reason to have multiple entries for the same game. It will only serve to confuse users as to which version to use. Better to keep all versions under the same place at least if you do not want to delete the original file

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I can’t comment on what you should do in the short term, but once 3.1.0
is released I’m going to be devoting some time to improving the module
listing so that it will be clearer how to contribute module improvements.


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Send an email to ‘support’ with a link to the module and your login name and I can add you.


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Done. Thanks!