Mage Knight Board Game Expansion Module?

I’m new to Vassal so maybe I’m just nubbing it up, but I saw a few folks playing “Mage Knight Board Game: Lost Legion & Krang” on the opening vassal page, but the only module I’m finding is the pre expansion. Where am I going wrong, I’d love to get some lost legion in on vassal for the first time.


Let me know your email address and I’ll send you a link.

If there really is a module including the expansion, I’d like to have a link too please. If you send it to me via private message I’ll be most grateful!

I would also like a link, if possible. Thank you for the contribution, I have tried the base Magic Knight game module and it is a great piece of work, I can see that a lot of time and passion went into it!

For some reason I’m not getting notifications for this thread. PM me your email address and I will sort you out, but reply here and I likely won’t see it for another month or so.

Great game, although I’m still reading the manual and watching the setup for this :smiley:

Hopefully I can get the expansion modules :slight_smile:

I’d also love the link if possible. Been having great fun with the base game (IRL and Vassal) and just purchased LL as well.

I would love the link as well please. Thank you!!!

I would gladly check out the expansion as well.
I’m a superfan of the boardgame and having a digital version on my laptop to play solo when I’m traveling has been a godsend, been missing lost legion tbh :slight_smile:


I would love the expansion as well. I own the game and all the expansions and have been enjoying playing the base game on Vassal for a couple weeks now. Thanks!

I would love to have the link to the expansion please! I’ve always wanted to play the expansion. Thanks!

I would really love to get the link to the expansions please.
and by the way good job on the module. There are a few bugs here and there that make the game unplayable if not careful (cards disappearing when clicking in wrong place), cards drawn difficult to separate. but overall a good looking implementation

HI everyone. I Will also like to get this link. The game is awsome and we play it a lot. One of my Friend Mage Knights move to another City and we cannot play. But with this expansion it will be possible. Thx Bery Much/

Hello, could you please send me link also? Really enjoyed base version, want to try out the expansion. Thanks!

I’m also searching for module including Lost Legion. If anyone can send me a link I would very grateful.

Hi, could you pleaseI send me link?

I have no idea who has already received a link by messaging me and who hasn’t, so I’ll just reiterate: If you want the module, please send me a private message using this forum or email me using the address given in the base game module help text. I’m not getting notifications from this thread.

Hello here.
I´m really enjoying the base version, and I would love to be hable to use the expansions.

I´m geting the actual thing in a few days, but i would like to get some practice first.

hi, would also be great to get a link here, the game works greatly here on vassal, much better then in tapletop simulator. thank you

Hi All, I’d appreciate a copy of the Lost Legion expansion too! Thanks in advance!