Mage Knight - Extra cards in deed deck

Sometimes after the end of round button is pushed, extra cards are being added to the deed decks. I have currently one deck with an extra Determination, Rage, Toughness and Crystalize. Another deck had 2 extra Swiftness, 1 extra Promise and a Pathfinding that should not have been there. Is anyone else seeing this? We are using the same game name as a game we previously played.

I can confirm this is the case…it seems that all characters deed deck cards come up in the deed deck, ie if you are playing Norowas cards for Arethea, Goldyx, and Tovak show up in your deed deck. Each character should have 16 specific cards for their character only.Otherwise this module is AWESOME!!!

I haven’t played any server-based games or had any playtesting reports from them, so I’m not sure what possible causes or solutions there are for this.

Each character does have a separate deck, and separate cards. It has to be possible to move any card in the game to any player’s deck due to interactive spells etc. However, the menu actions available for each character are restricted to sending cards to their own deck or discard pile only. Likewise, all the automated functions will only move cards to a deck in the same location as the card.

So there should be no way for these bugs to occur. Bugs do occur though, and I can only assume this is due to the inner workings of Vassal. If you can replicate bugs or provide a log showing them occurring then please let me know. I rarely ever check here though, so boardgamegeek is a much better way of getting in touch.