Map editing weirdness

I am engaged in an audit of the Map for a module and I have hit upon a very weird “bug”. That is “all of sudden” when I left click a point to move it, it adds a point as if I did a right click.

Obviously my first thought was that the mouse was malfuctioning. However I do not get this behaviour outside of VASSAL or even other parts of VASSAL. I have tried restarting VASSAL, a newer version of VASSAL and a different mouse. Nor, as far as I know, do I get it in any other region. In fact I got through refining 90% of this region before the problem hit.

Is this the old bug where defining a zone by adding a point with right click adds two points instead of one? So when you move the point you added, you move one of the two, and it might appear as if you just added one?

If you are auditing a map someone else made, these doubled up zone coordinates could be scattered around the map. I know I don’t care to eliminate them all when I’m defining zones.

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I have noticed that bug as I am editing in 3.2.17. However it is more of a feature than a bug for me as it means I can create points more efficiently.

However I don’t think it is that. I managed to get it now where there is one point sticking out but that triangle has effectively zero area so I can probably live with it if I have to. I suppose if I could identify which point it was I could manually remove it, but that would be hard.

No basically there is now a single point which I cannot select for some reason. If I try to it creates a new point. I can’t be preexisting because when I started editing there was no point there at all.

@slimy Does it happen in 3.6.0-beta6? The amount that we care about bugs in 3.2.17 at this remove is zero.

Okay I have tried editing it in various versions (without saving) and I can say that in 3.5.8 and above it was much easier to see what was happening. Whereas 3.4.11 was exactly like 3.2.17. Using this I was able to find that the issue was exactly as Ben described. By persisting I was able to remove the extra points. But I had about 7 extra points. So this issue is now resolved.

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