Map Grid and Multizone Definitions - V3 / V4

I’ve been experimenting with an old module that (IMHO) didn’t implement map zones very well. Example Soviet Union is defined as one LARGE zone (not enough granularity).

What I would like to be able to do:

  1. Define a hex grid in Vassal and align it to the preprinted map grid (Vassal allows this)
  2. Define Multi-zone Grid for some specific locations, city/resource names (e.g., Leningrad (6)).

Currently, I get a warning that using both is buggy and can cause errors.

My future-state use case is that when a player:

  1. moves units to a named city location, echo city name to chat log (e.g., “Leningrad”)
  2. moves units to a generic hex (not-named), echo the hex grid number to chat log (e.g., AA23)

With further investigation, it looks like this should have been possible in V3, but it isn’t working.

Specifically, you can add a hex grid to a already-defined multi-zone grid. However, when you do so it is missing the “Color Definition” and when you use “Edit Grid” it doesn’t appear to work…

So looks like this is a bug report and not a feature request…

One of the VASSAL Module Design 101 Lessons covers this. I think it is lesson 7 here: VASSAL Module Design 101 Lesson 7 - YouTube

As you mention I would suggest you take the large one zone Soviet map and make it a multi-zone. However, since you found bugs, perhaps multiple maps would work?