Map level Mark pieces that move and Trails

In trying to find a way for players to optionally disable trails as a preference or for the duration of a game (something I still haven’t found a way to do!) I tried setting the Map level Mark pieces that move to Use Preferences Setting.

I started the module, unchecked the box. Restarted the module.

When I moved a piece that has both the Mark When Moved trait and the Movement trail trait, a trail tethered the piece to its starting point, no matter how many times it moved (not being updated because not being marked as moved). Further, the GCK to clear trails doesn’t work (because not being marked as moved, obviously).

So, I just want to confirm that I’m doing this “right”, and if I am, I’d like to report that Trail behaviour as buggy. I expected no trail.

(While I’m at it, the “Trails are visible to all players” and “Trails start visible” options also interact badly with a GCK to switch Moved==true to Moved!=true, in ways that I think are buggy)

if you are using any type of saved game (including, at start setups) the changes wont be reflected.

I know. That isn’t relevant here.