Map Shading - V4 thoughts

I have a hard time imaging a case where the ability to shade an entire map is particularly useful… On the other hand, I can think of several use cases where the ability to independently shade parts of a map could be really useful.

In particular, the ability to shade on a zone by zone basis, where the shading is determined by a property… Example:
0 = no shade
1 = light gray
2 = light green
3 = red
4 = blue

Might also want to be able to independently control a) color b) cross-hatching style

This could be used to show control, weather effects, areas of disease, etc.

This already exists–Zone Highlighters.

OK - I just went into the module I know best (Europe Engulfed) and tried to add this… There is no option for it…

Main Map [Map Window]
-I see “Add Map Shading”
[Map Boards]
Map [Board]
[Multi-Zone Grid]

The node where you add Zone Highlighters is created automatically when you add a Multi-zoned Grid. If subsequently deleted you can’t add it back in (at least not in the Editor directly, maybe you could by editing the buildfile XML by hand).

From a brand new module in which I added a Board and then a Multi-zoned Grid on that board:


This IMHO is a problem that we have observed before. IF something can be deleted, then it should easy to add it back in easily with the editor. Alternatively it should be flagged as non-deletable.

IMHO this should be a basic design constraint for V4.

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Appreciate you pointing out the capability already exists (even if someone deleted it - GRR!).

Good to know for future work…