Maps not showing?


My module has 4 maps - the first strategic, then three operational. Unfortunately the strategic is the only one that will display. I have checked the settings on the others and can’t see anything unusual, but then I am a noob at this. Can anyone suggest where to start?

When editing maps you typically have to completely close the module and re-open it before the changes take effect. Actually, you should do a module restart whenever you make an edit that does not immediately take effect. (save-close-reopen)

Hi Robert. This has been saved, opened, closed, saved again, ad infinitum. I can see the maps if I edit hexes, and sometimes I can see the tiling message if I open the module, but only the Strat Map shows.

Could it be a memory issue?

When you say you have 4 maps, is that 4 Map Windows (each with one board)? In this case, one map window will open attached to the controls panel (under the message pane), and the other three windows should open each as separate windows (unless specified to open/close only when a toolbar button is clicked).

If you have 1 Map Window containing 4 Boards, only one Board will display at a time (unless you specify that it can contain multiple Boards). When a Map Window is assigned more than one Board, you are prompted to select the Board each time you start a new game (each Board corresponds to one image file).

I discovered that if I edit the map name, change it back and save, it is displayed correctly.