Marker always visible

Am new to creating a Vassal module. Using an existing module to go through and understand all the components and make some small changes to the module for my personal use and learning. In the module, I can drag a marker/counter on top of a card. However, when I then select the card, the marker moves to underneath the card, thus not visible. I wish to be able place a marker/counter on top of a card and always have the marker/counter visible.

The feature you want is called Game Piece Layers. It will require some configuration of your map window and some config on pieces themselves so they know what drawing layer they belong to.

Thanks for your response & pointing me in the right direction.

If that marker is supposed to “belong” to the card, and the card can be moved, you might also want to look at Mats and Cargo, which would allow the marker to stay with the card as it moves.

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