Marker & Refresh Counters

I have come across a difficulty with a change to a module that I have been working on for the past 3 months that has a lot of pre-set scenarios.

Up to now, I have been able to do numerous changes and additions to the module and propagate the changes to existing scenarios using Refresh Counters. However, I have discovered that a particular Marker was retaining the value that it originally had. To explain further:-

Some pieces are defined with a Prototype “Leader” and other Pieces are defined with a Prototype “Unit”.
Originally both types of pieces included a Marker defined as Type = “Unit”.
The module was updated such that the Prototype “Leader” defines Marker Type = “Leader”.

Despite a Refresh Counters, an existing scenario retains the original definition of Type, for both types of piece.
A new piece brought from the palette will have the new definition.

The following workaround manages to get the Type marker updated, but it requires doing for each scenario…

  1. Open the module for Edit.
  2. Open the scenario. - note that a Refresh Counters at this point will have no effect on the Marker “Type”; it will still report as “Unit” even if the module defines it as something different.
  3. In the “Leader” prototype, completely remove the Marker “Type”.
  4. Refresh Counters; the Leader prototype within the scenario will now be set to blank.
  5. re-add the Marker and set it so Type=“Leader”
  6. Refresh Counters, the Leader prototype within the scenario will now be set to the new value of “Leader”.
    Note - steps 4-6 have to be done for every scenario for this to work.

If this is a bug it probably goes back to v3.2.17 and earlier.

Is there a better workaround I could try that won’t require re-doing for every scenario ?


Thanks Mark,

When the GameRefresher runs, it creates a new counter based on the ‘structural’ information for the new version of the counter, then copies over the ‘State’ information from the existing counter, which is all the ‘stuff’ that has changed during the game.

Markers are unique in that their value is reported/set as ‘State’, but they are really constants and the marker value is actually a ‘structural’ component of the trait and should NOT be copied from the old version of the counter.

This has been fixed and will be available in the next 3.4.0 release.

Thanks very much to Claudio to for tracking this problem down.

This is great news! This is explains why the Game Refresher never worked for me. Kudos for dilligently tackling all these issues…