Marker Trail inaccurate after a "Send To Location"

Haven’t spent time yet to gather the data on this one but I notice that movement trail behaves oddly for Send to Location compared to a simple select/drag.

In the sample screenshot, the “LC/3” piece at the bottom of the board was moved manually 3 hexes forward, one hex at a time. Then, after a couple of non-move operations, a send-to-location operation moved the same piece to where it shows in the picture.

Note that the original 3 hex move only shows as 2 hexes. The automated move shows as though it originates from that 2nd hex of movement.

In fact, prior to the send-to-location, the movement trail traced through all 3 hexes of movement up to the LC/3 piece.

After doing another test, I suspect that the movement trail is being updated based on the Piece’s OldX/OldY as at before the piece is moved, rather than the one that applies once has been moved. ie the movement trail after send-to-location resets to wherever the previous move started from.

I think MoveTrails have have been “whack” with Send-to-Location for some time. We should probably get that on the issue list though.

Hi Mark – it looks like this might have gotten fixed from about 3.4.12 forward – could you give it another try and let me know?

There is now a “Compatibility Tab” setting in Preferences for “Send to Location trait updates movement trails” and as long as it’s checked then I think it should work right now?


Thanks for the heads-up Brian. Yes, the issue is fixed by default and the bug is restored by unchecking the compatibility box.

I was using VASSAL-3.5.6-SNAPSHOT-169faea-14360.