Hope to be able to explain the problem
I set a deck of cards that have a card prototype.
In the prototype there is a mask command that originally was set “can be masked by Any Side”
During the game the Referee drew a card left it flipped.
Unfortunately the real owner of that card was another player that now is not able to flip up.
Well I saved the game and reopened the module modifying the prototype changing in “can be masked by Any of the Specified Sides” and in the list I set the side of the player and the the side of the referee.
Relaunching the game and loaded the saved one I noticed that the new configuration is not in force.
Still the player is not able to flip the card.
There is any additional command to change the right of the two (side of the player and side of the referee) for the game running?

Have you done a Refresh Counters (from the Tools drop-down menu) when you have the game open ?

Yes but without result