Mat functionality with 'Game Piece Layers'

Can mats be setup to only ‘carry’ those game pieces that display above the mat as defined in Game Piece Layers. Even if game pieces that stack below the mat also have the cargo trait.
For ex, in Game Piece Layers there are - air, land, mat1type, naval, sub, cp, mat2type, facilities. Air, land, naval, sub & cp all have the cargo trait. mat1type will only carry any air or land game pieces. mat2type can carry air, land, naval, sub & cp game pieces.
Added thought. Can mats be also be setup to only a specified number of game pieces, such number also being a variable using beanshell expressions. Reason, say the mat1type is a transport that can carry (by the games rules) 1 corp,1 land based aircraft, 2 divisions or 2 carrier planes. The beanshell expression uses the marker trait of the unit on top to work out how many unit(s) it will carry when clicked and dragged to a new position.

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We are looking into options for implementing these options.

For 1. we are looking at including an expression that piece must meet to be allowed to stack on the Mat. Similar to the Deck 'Restrict adding counters by Drag ‘n Drop’ option. You would then use this to explicitly allow pieces from the layers you are interested in. This is a more general solution.

We are thinking about 2. as well and having the Mat maintain properties that total the sum of specified properties on the currently load mats. These counts could then be incorporated into the expression for 1.

Question, what should happen to the cargo units that are rejected from loading onto the Mat? Should they snap back to where they came from (that is what happens if a card is rejected from a Deck) OR should they just plop where you drop them, but not loaded on the Mat according to the normal Vassal drop rules? Does it require an option to select between those two options?

Not entirely sure about that. My first guess is they should probably ‘snap back’ to where they came from. But then I’m sure that other games/players may desire the ‘plop where they are’ option. So your suggestion of an option to select which of these are to apply makes sense. The module designer then has flexibility.
Thanks for you response. I am looking forward to using mats. Great idea chaps.

From 3.6 beta 6, I am assuming that these features are planned additions and will not be a part of 3.6.

No-ones quite got to implementing that yet. Don’t let Brian see this post :slight_smile:

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