Matching Property of GKC doesn't work with Bean Style

I’m using a GKC to send cards from a deck to a region, but I’m having problems getting the Matching Properties to work with Bean Style Expressions. I’m following the documentation and I just get it to work using the GetProperty function.

This work:

These doesn’t:

I think the key is using the GetProperty, but I’m still not sure how it works. GetProperty is ALWAYS evaluated first?
It expects a string, if it has a property it reads the property for a string and search the property given, right?

Actually on further testing I realised that the problem still occurs when the piece Property (Marker or DP) of the piece that called the GKC is on a different map from the deck.

The scenario is:
A piece that calls a GKC is on MapA and has Marker “Name” which has the deck name.
The deck is on another map window MapB.

Then only using Old Style expressions work, none of the Bean Style works.

There is a correct test module attached.