Max Heap Size Too Large

We have a Dell computer
Pentium R4 CPU 3 GHz
504 MB RAM
Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 3
Java V6 Update 22
Vassal Version 3.1.14
Barbarossa: Kiev to Rostov V03.vmod

When we open the file, by double clicking on the icon, we get a pop up window that says, “The maximum heap size stored in your Preferences for this module is too large. In particular, the maximum heap size must be less than the amount of physical RAM in your machine. The failsafe initial heap size of 128MB will be used instead. Please decrease the maximum heap size in your Preferences, and restart VASSAL”

I have changed the maximum heap size to 128 MB but the same message still pops up. I also changed the initial size, that didn’t help either. Now I don’t remember what the initial size should be.

Thanks, Sturdivant