Md5sums for previous versions (Arch Linux)

I would like to install an older version of Vassal on a linux system. I cloned the repo to my machine and changed the pkgver variable in the PKGBUILD script to 3.5.8. However, it fails upon build because the md5sums are not correct.

Do you know where I can get working md5 sums for this particular version?

You can produce MD5s yourself from the release archive. We’ve published SHA256 hashes for every version from 3.2.17, so you can check what you download against those before running md5sum.

Also: What script are you talking about? I don’t recognize pkgver or PKGBUILD as anything in our repo.

Excellent, thank you. I’ll look into those.

pkgver and PKGBUILD are things you sometimes tweak when installing things from the Arch User Repository (where Vassal currently resides). It has nothing to do with Vassal directly.