Memoir '44, Battlelore and open to suggestions!


Well I’ve taken the Vassal tutorial and I’m raring to go with one obstacle: no opponents!

I’m looking for players interested in playing Memoir '44 and Battlelore but I’m open to other game suggestions (just about anything). I own Memoir '44 and Battlelore but I’ve only played Memoir '44 a handful of times.

I’m from the UK and would prefer PBEM.

Thanks for reading,


Im interested in playing Memoir 44 with you and maybe battelore (DOnt have the game but will try). I om on EST in Eastearn United states but I hope we can play sometime!

email charlescab at yahoo
skype charlescab

msn charlescab at hotmail

Hello there - I’m new to Battlelore and Vassal. I’m up for playing on t’interweb!

I’m based in the UK… Send me a mail and we’ll organise a game.

Cheers, Guy