Memoir' 44 homemade scenario question

Okay so I’ve made my scenario and linked it in the engine via the predefined scenarios option. Everything works fine except when I start the scenario I never get prompted to choose what side I would like to play or the observer. Any idea how to fix this. I saved the scenario as an observer when I made it.

I’m actually working on an overlord module for Memoir that allows up to 8 people to play.


Thus spake “shaggynick”:

Did you retire from the side you joined before saving the scenario?


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Uckelman, I did retire the player but I think what was happening was I had already created the map without retiring the player and saved it. If you go back in and retire the player it doesn’t work. I just made a test map and retired the player before I saved the first time and it worked fine. Go figure. Thank you for all your help. I’ll put the overlord module up as soon as I complete it. Should be soon. I still need to scan the overlord cards.

Thanks for your help.