Memoir 44 Opponents Wanted, and Other WW2 Gamers!


Just joined and am seeking opponents to play Memoir 44. I also want opponents to play other WWII wargames with.

By the way, can anybody tell me how I can get a game of Memoir 44 on Vassal, I am having terrible trouble getting it to work!


I have the VASSAL installed in directory
C:\Program Files\VASSAL
from and then I have the Memoir’44 module Memoir44v8.mod in directory
C:\Program Files\VASSAL\modules
and the expansions (as * files, DO NOT UNZIP these, only modify the to if needed!) in directory
C:\Program Files\VASSAL\modules\Memoir44v8_ext
Through AirPack.mdx to WesternFront.mdx from here … page=Files , i.e., from VASSAL site. When you load a scenario in VASSAL Memoir’44 can warn you with some topics but the Memoir’44 works perfectly. I had Memoir’44 and the Eastern Front for this Xmas and I like the game so far. I can play it with my wife and children. It doesn’t take too long to play and there is still some strategic war gaming into it (and history of course). I could play Memoir’44 with you, just PM or email? I have printed the Memoir’44 Player Aid PDF which you can find from DoW site, that is a great help playing on board or on VASSAL.