Memoir 44 rookie request: Seeking balanced Breakthrough scenarios

[Please forgive me if I’m posting this in the wrong sub-forum.]

I’m looking for Memoir 44 Breakthrough scenarios that are balanced. I see tons of scenarios in the ‘Select setup’ scenario chooser, but it is difficult to know which of those are Breakthrough scenarios (probably due to my ignorance).

I have played and enjoyed Battle of Abbeville a bit, but would like to find some Breakthrough scenarios that are more balanced.

Thanks for any advice!


Hi Ralph,
I see nobody’s answered this, so let me chip in.
If you log in at and navigate to Memoir '44 and “Military Archives” you’ll see a list of scenarios (which you can filter to Breakthrough). The stats aren’t shown here, but if you click on the number in the “AAR” column, you’ll get the list of reports with win stats at the top.
Stay well,

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