Menu item standardization, i18n organization

Here’s a question I have, and a task that someone could do which isn’t

First, the question: What’s the method of organization for our i18n keys?
I’ve had trouble finding what I’m looking for and deciding where to put
new keys. It seems like they’re not well organized, or there are competing
systems of organization, or they’re organized well but I don’t understand

Second, the task: Standard UI design holds that points of ellipsis should
follow menu items which, when selected, will not have immediate effect but
instead will require further user input. We haven’t done this
consistently; we should. So, if would be helpful if someone would look at
every menu item and decide whether it should have ‘…’ at the end, and
then tell us which ones need changing.

Thus spake “uckelman”:

Update: I’ve started on adding the ‘…’ to menu items.


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Basically, they are organised by the source module they are used in, except for the General keys.

Just a reminder that in the .properties files, all single quotes must be doubled up to generate one quote. swampwallaby-merge@3161 fixes a couple that have been missed.


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