Merchants & Marauders ship mod tokens

  • Vassal version: 3.1.20
  • Java version: 1.6.0_35
  • Vassal module: Merchants & Marauders 0.95 Merchants_&_Marauders_Vassal_fix.vmod

This is probably a school boy error as this is the first time we have tried using Vassal to do some PBeM.

One of us created a new game for this module and used the ‘Setup Tokens’ button to set up the board, they then sorted out their players board, saved the game and the next person then loaded it and set themselves up. From that point on we used logging on our moves. Our problem is that only the creator of the game (the first player) can turn over ship modification tokens or peek at them on the board, the other player only has ‘Delete’ or ‘Return to Deck’ options available to them when right clicking on the tokens.

Did we miss something out in starting the game? Do we need to set some permissions?