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Hey there. I do mostly pbem play with VASSAL, and I have a lot of log files sitting around (usually upwards of 50/game). Is there anyway to merge several log files into one? I’d like to be able to review old games, or post them to forums where I’m trying to drum-up interest.

Thus spake “psyberduck”:

The only way to merge logs at present it rather tedious. What you need to
do is open the first log, and then start a new log to write to. Step through
the first log, and then open the second log with “Load Continuation” and step
through it. Repeat until you’ve stepped through all of your logs. Once you’ve
done this, everything from all of your logs will have been recorded in the
new log you started at the beginning.

If the logs are long, this will take quite some time. The fastest way to
get through this is to hold down the Page Down after you open each log
(Page Down is the hotkey for the “Forward” button.)

I’m going to be working on logging improvements after 3.1 is released, so
there will be an easier way to do this in 3.2 or 3.3.


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Perfect…that’ll work for now. Thanks for the tip…and for quoting me in a rather dramatic sounding fashion. :smiley: