MG:MG, Hell's Highway, WWII:BtB

Looking for a PBEM game of either Monty’s Gamble: Market Garden, Hell’s Highway (VG) or WWII: Barbarossa to Berlin. I’ve played MG:MG a few times, HH long ago, and have yet to try BtB. I can keep a pace of around 1 move a day.

If no opponent yet, I’m game for MG:MG. Not always a move a day but reasonably close.


PM sent.

Am up for WWII B2B is good for me , will play either side so you may set up if ready. PBEM using vassal and /or Acts is good.

Thanks JUNO44 but I got enough games going for now. I really want to try this game, I’ll make another call for it whenever I have more time.

I’d be interested in a game of Hell’s Highway (VG).

I prefer “live” play, but could also do PBEM. Feel free to PM me.

Still looking for an opponent for Hell’s Highway.

PM me if interested.

Im new to Vassal but would love to play some HH.