Michal Glowacki's modules


It’s not many of them :slight_smile:

In Progress
The Battles of Waterloo (GMT) (finale stage, testers needed)
GBoH RAN (GMT) - finished in about 95% - Tonnoji map and scenario setup to make
Kryptonim Lew Morski (Novina) [Code Name Sea Lion] (some very old polish game boardgamegeek.com/game/28699)

I’m hoping to finish at least two of them in this year :slight_smile:

I’m looking for some people keen to test modules:
The Battles of Waterloo (GMT)

Any volunteers? :slight_smile:

So it finally is! :slight_smile:

GBoH RAN Vassal module v0.93


Module consists all scenarios except Tennoji - I have no good quality map scan.

Feel free to leave feedbags.



I’ve got Tennoji map.

Soon there will be newer version of RAN module with all scenarios.


I’ll be glad to help out.Evenings after 4 or 5 PM CST US. Are best for me .

Later, John

Great you got the last map. It’s a great new you can complete your module ;)