Migrated to a new PC

Hi, I migrated to a new lap top, and installed the latest Vassal.

Question, how to associate all the modules I have downloaded to the new library directory? Is the only way to open each module one at a time?

If you plan ahead and back up your whole VASSAL preferences folder (C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\VASSAL) and you take care to put all your module files in exactly the same path where they were on the old PC, you could speed up the migration a lot.

Failing that, yes you’ll be opening modules one by one to get VASSAL to become aware of them on the new system. Note that module passwords will likely have to be set again with each module you open if you don’t have all the per-module preference files from the old PC. If you are in ongoing PBEM games and don’t remember what passwords you set for various modules, you could be in for a headache if you set module passwords on the new PC that don’t match what they were on the old one.

thanks, I didn’t plan that far ahead. I have the modules in one folder, so as I need them I can open and associate to the library.