Military Training

Hello fellas,

I’ve just done a quick search through all of the forums and did not find anything on the topic of using any of the modules for use in military training.

I’d like to create something like a Kriegspiel (I know all the modules fit this concept) for different training audiences where the adjudication is automated. The types of Kriegspiels I am familiar with involve two command groups and a adjudicator all working off of a common topographic map with standard ops/terms graphics. Subordinate moves are executed via a standard task order (5W with a tactical task), and are executed by the adjudication table.

Areas of focus I would like to train are allocation of logistics, aircraft, and ground maneuvers. From the cursory search, the amount of modules to sort through is overwhelming and I’m a novice to this endeavor.

I envision having two command groups - a company commander, company gunnery sergeant, intelligence NCO, fires planner - battling against each other in two separate rooms of the same building, and a third room where their commander could be observing the actions.

If this topic has already been broached, please let me know where I can find more.

Thanks for the help.


Inevitably, the hard parts a selecting exectly what you want to train/teach, and then finding a game that gets at those problems.

That’s part of my day job; contact info sent via PM.