MMP - OCS series

Looking for more players for any of the MMP OCS series - I have all the titles in the series and would be happy to play any of them (probably start small - not ready for a full Case Blue campaign).


Hi Mitch.
I’m interested in any OCS pbem games (get all titles as well). Let me know how do you like to proceed. A BURMA game could be a good start.

Good to hear from you. Playing on-line would be quicker, but PBEM will work just fine.
Let’s start with SS 1 - Operation Thursday. Contact me off-list at mitch dot lake at gmail dot com and we’ll get started.


E mail sent, Mitch.

Hello Mitch & Arnaud, Would either of you care to play the “EDGE OF THE WORLD” scenario from Case Blue? It’s nice and small, yet has all the exciting tidbits you crave in an OCS game.

Hey Gunny,

I have a few games going, but would consider another. I’d play a live Vassal game. I think Arnaud prefers to play PBEM.


Hey Mitch,

What time zone are you in? I’m -7 GMT (AZ).
OCS makes for some excellent PBeM, and was kind-a thinking along those lines.



I am in the EST, so I am a few hours behind you.

Which game would you like to do? I’ve played a little bit of most of them.


Mitch was right Gunny. I’m in Europe, GMT +2 Time zone and i find very difficult for me to have enough time to play Live. I’m open to PBEM what so ever. Feel Free !
See you.

New Vassel player here, Hawaii Time zone
Never did a PBEM game, but willing to learn, if no one minds helping me through the process?
Love OCS :slight_smile:

I am interest. I live on the east coast. Just played a scenario in The Third Winter.


Looking for pbem opponents too (only pbem, no live).
I am specially interested in playing Korea: The Forgotten War. I have played it f2f and would like to continue the experience with Vassal.

I’m interested. whatever game, maybe not too monstre. Roberto