Module A3R v2.0.3 problem after Java update


I have been playing many games of Third Reich with 4th Edition Rules using this module and no problem.

However, after updating my Java to v8 Update 121 on my Mac , I now have a problem.

I am un able to drag counters off the Scenario Cards onto the mapboard. This is true with a current game in progress, or if I try starting a brand new game.

I tried clearing the Tile Cache in the VASSAL Menu Tools, it did not solve the problem.

I updated to the latest VASSAL v3.1.15, it did not solve the problem.

I deleted the A3R module from the library and put in a new copy (of A3R v2.0.3), it did not solve the problem.

thank you in advance for suggestion on how to fix this problem, so I can continue a game in progress.


Thus spake kvn via messages:

I updated to the latest VASSAL v3.1.15, it did not solve the problem.

The current release is 3.2.17. 3.1.15 is ancient.


If you are using the combined window, try switching to individual windows. I have a similar problem on the Mac with a different module (using the latest Vassal and JDK). Drag events are not being reported properly when dragging from a floating window to the main window, and I can’t see any reason for it. I’m blaming Java for this one.

More detail in case someone knows of anything that might help:

In a separate window this module has cards in a stack. In multiple-window mode, I click the card and as soon as I start dragging I see a ghost image of the card and I can drop this on any other window. Drag events occur, and when the mouse pointer leaves the window it fires DragExit on the tool window and DragEnter on the main window.

In combined window mode, the mousedown fires, but none of the drag events. If I release the mouse button within the tool window, a card is moved as if it was dragged (it gets added to the DragBuffer successfully). If I do this a second time (so I have moved two cards off the stack and placed them somewhere else in the same window, suddenly drag events start as normal. This continues as long as I have at least one card NOT on the stack, and then drag events stop again.


I am using VASSAL Engine version 3.2.17, my earlier post was a typographical error.

Java 8 Update 121 is the version of Java on my Mac.

For the A3R/4th Edition 3R module, I am using version 2.0.3.

I am not aware of “combined windows” or “individual windows”.

There is one window with the game mapboard. The Scenario Cards, when opened, are a floating window.


With the module open, open the Preferences from the main menu. There’s a checkbox in there that says “Use combined application window (requires restart)”. If that’s on, try turning it off and see how you go. The map and the main text window will no longer be a single object, but you may find you can drag without issue. I do not know anything about the Third Reich module myself, so I am not sure what the scenario cards are, but I saw some intermittent dragging issues with it in combined mode and they went away with it turned off.


thank you the instructions given (changing Preferences for combined windows) solved the problem it appears for now.

I am able to continue playing with the A3R Module.

Prior to the solution that was given, I did open another Module (Air Assault on Crete), and it was exhibiting the same drag and drop problem off the Organization Card - I was not able to drag counters onto the mapboard from the Organization Card.

So for me, it appears the problem with Java 8 Update 121 on my Mac was not confined to one Module. Has this problem been reported by other users?

I am curious, will this general problem be addressed in the next version of the VASSAL Engine, or must each individual Module be upgraded to a new version to address the Java problem?


I don’t think anyone other than the two of us have reported it so far. I wasn’t seeing it before I reinstalled my operating system (and downloaded the most recent JDK from Oracle), so I think it’s a recent bug in Java for MacOS. I also kinda doubt there are very many Macs running Vassal.

If it affects Vassal, it likely affects other applications. I hope it will get reported and fixed elsewhere, because I don’t really know enough about Swing and how it should work to write an effective bug report. I will have a go at reproducing this strange behaviour in a small example, and if I’m successful I’ll report it using that. I’ll try to find out exactly what changes when you set the combined window option.