Module Designers' Guide

Might it be possible to get a guide on how to edit or create new modules for VASSAL. I cannot figure out how to do it and I cannot find a guide that has been created already. If someone has one, could you upload it to a file sharing site and put a link here please?


Vassal has a reference manual accessible right in the editing program. If you create a new module you’ll see a green icon with a question mark, that will open the reference manual. Covers pretty much everything.

That reference manual is hidden behind a mystery-meat icon, is difficult to navigate, can’t really be searched, and (last time I looked) was out of date. I found it nothing but frustrating when I was trying to get started. The one thing that saved me from abandoning my project altogether was this:

draft Vassal Module Designer’s Guide:

Download this excellent word doc to your hard drive and don’t waste your time on that little green icon. Just be aware that it’s a work in progress and you will still need to come on the forums and beg people to explain things to you.

I would like to credit and thank the author, but I can’t find a name anywhere. (In fact, I was barely able to find my way back to the link to the file; this document seems like one of Vassal’s best-kept secrets!)

I put the designer’s guide together. I thought I had my name inside the front cover. :slight_smile:

A lot of it was based on previously available help, but there’s a fair amount of new material as well. I’m glad to hear it kept you from abandoning your project.:slight_smile:

I was just about to finalize it; the final (PDF) version will be available on, and, I hope, installed with Vassal itself (like the user guide).

Where is it now?

This can now be found at under ‘Docs’.