Module Editing Qustion

I have a question about copying information from one module into another module. I am in the process of playing the following Vassal Module:

Wacht Am Rhein

Here is my predicament. I would like to do a “what if” scenario using some of the units from the Atlantic Wall Vassal module. Now, the Wacht Am Rhein and the Atlantic Wall games are both from the same game designer, and they use the exact same rules, same types of counters etc. etc. etc. They are identical, except the games take place with different units, at different times etc. So, what I would like to do is copy some of the units from the Atlantic Wall game and paste them into the Wacht Am Rhein game. Is there a way to do this? Thanks.

Brian B.

Its doable

I would put a copy of both modules into a new folder.
unzip one of the modules, rename the image folder you will now have.
unzip the other module.
all the graphics will be in the two folders.

I would then take one of the modules .vmod file and edit the snot out of it.
you can ‘copy’ the unit with the abilities to what you want.
paste it, rename it grab the graphic from one of your folders.

Its doable, a lot of piece work.