Module era categories

The era category page seems quite…chaotic.

It lists some recognizable historic eras (Napoleonic, Victorian, WWI, WWII), some eras that seem confusing or poorly defined (“gunpowder” could be anything from about 1500 to present), some categories that are highly subjective (30 years ago, 1980 would be “contemporary”; now it’s historical), and some that overlap wildly (“Age of Reason” and “18th century”; “modern” and “modern warfare”).

I’d be happy to try and sort this out, provide a greater level of detail/breakdown for some of the eras (I originally came to the page looking for a list of American Civil War games, a huge genre in the hobby, but there’s no listing for them). But the page is locked to editing. How does one go about volunteering to do this sort of work?

Oh, and the plural of “era” is eras, not era’s. I’d love to correct that, but, again, the page is locked to editing.

ETA: I perceive that a great deal of what I would have looked for in the “era” page is covered on the “topic” page. Interesting. Where wargames are concerned, I would have thought “era” would be the time period and “topic” would be either a specific battle, campaign, or maybe the level or medium of the game (tactical, operational, strategic; naval, land, air).

Era is a very broad stroke for the time frame a game represents/takes place in and why there are not too many.

It is fine if there is overlap such as Modern and Modern warfare because not all games are about warfare but take place in a modern time period - think Urban Sprawl game for example - you wouldn’t classify it as modern warfare but it is in a modern setting as far as time period goes - contemporary would also work.

Topics as you note is the more specific section and you narrow down more with. Scale takes care of the level - Tactical, Operational, Strategic etc… because you mention those for topic I presume you did not see that.

Fixed your Eras for you :slight_smile:

Cheers, Tim!