Module Sharing

Just wanted to find out from the community what the protocol is for sharing modules that are not listed, but are shown in the server status page?

Specifically: there are a number of modules listed that I would love to try, but are not officially listed on the Vassal:Module pages. If I PM one of the players to request of copy of the module so that I can try it, is this frowned upon? Do I need to sign my name in blood that I won’t upload it anywhere, or share with anyone else?

I understand a company’s rights to withhold their games from Vassal, at least to a point. If the game is interesting and I like it, I will by the game (as my overloaded shelved will attest to). ;) I don’t think that having a Vassal module is hurting sales, the exact opposite. I LOVE “Starcraft: TBG”, but getting a dedicated group together to play is almost impossible near me. I would also love to play test the game more, but the setup time, and space allotment does get pretty cumbersome. Thus, a Vassal module this game would help me to enjoy the actual game more, by allowing me to understand the rules and gameplay better by accelerating the setup and allowing focusing on the gameplay instead. /rantoff