Module size - can I get a manual upload? other options?

I’m the designer of “A Glorious Chance: The Naval Struggle for Lake Ontario in the War of 1812,” (Legion Wargames) which is set to start shipping within the next month or so.

I already have a VASSAL module page. I want to upload the official, release version of the module now, using the official published artwork. But I get the file-too-large error when I try to upload. I have already eliminated all obsolete art files.

I understand that you sometimes accept modules of larger MB sizes for manual upload. Can you do this for mine? If not, can you take a look and tell me how it could fit within your file limitations? I can’t change the pixel size of anything without ruining the scaling of my components. So any changes would have to be in other areas, such as resolution.

I’d be happy to have a quick look, but that Dropbox link seems to have gone.

Thanks. Brent!
As it happens, I kept tinkering and discovered some ways to further shrink the file size of the boards in my module (indexing the colors and eliminating a lot of the unnecessary image data), which shrank the total size from 859 MB to only 230 MB! So I tried to upload it again and the upload worked. My module and page edits are now pending review. Thank you just the same. --Gina

I would not switch to indexed color palettes unless you have images that can be switched losslessly. Otherwise you’re reducing the quality of your images.

What I suggest doing before that are two things:

  • Remove unused images. (Look in the Tools menu for this.) You might find that you have quite a lot which don’t need to be there.
  • Run an optimizer on all your images. (E.g., optipng for PNGs.) You’ll likely get dramatic reductions in file size this way without sacrificing any image quality.