module start via command line

as the title says: is there a possibility to start a module via command line?
like: “(…) \javaws\http\\P80\DMws\AMvassal.jnlp -mod WH40k mod vrs 34” or the like?

You can start a module from the command line by including the module name as the last argument.

Only when using the manual installation, not with Web Start.


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hm, I tried it every imaginable way but doesnt work. could u explain it for dummys?
I used the manual installation, so I got a file “vassal-3.0.jnlp”. I called this with the mod as an argument, but it only starts like ever. Doesnt load the mod…

Thus spake “hpb”:

Sorry, I didn’t realize that you were using Web Start.

If you want to pass arguments to VASSAL, as of 3.0.17, you have to run it
with one of the included shell scripts, or run it directly by invoking
java yourself.

If you get the manual installation (not the manual installer!—yes,
I know, this is confusing) here

you’ll see the scripts I mean.


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Again, where do I sign the petition to get rid of webstart? :laughing: