Module suggestion

I was recommended this site by a friend.

I have 3 friends in different time zones and all with young families. We used to game a lot together but it is now impossible to all get online for any serious amount of time in unison.

I wondered if there was a game we could play which was entirely turn based? So we could take it in turns with no rush. Just send an email “hey its your turn now” etc etc

Is Vassal the right place for something like that?

Thank you in advance

Absolutely. You can simply set up a time to meet online when time permits, play what you can and all parties involved save the game for the next session.

You can also trade log files and play “PBeM” (play-by-email) style. I’m finding this even works for games with a lot of interplay among the players, rather than simple U-GO-I-GO.

Have a look at the Modules section, and see if you can’t find a few of your favorites that already have VASSAL modules authored for them.

Besides Vassal, there are numerous free sites that allow online, turn-based gaming. Here are some:

Games By Email:
(I recommend Mergers, a clone of Acquire, for 2-6 players, but ideal for 4. Several clones of wargames.)

(Mostly 2-player games. I play Powerboats.)

You Play It:
(Several multiplayer games, including Wooden Ships & Iron Men.)

(Many games)

That’s great guys - thank you so much for the suggestions.

Any module suggestions for something that would work well with PBeM? There are soooo many modules and I have NO idea what to start with!