Module Update: Panzerkrieg

Module Panzerkrieg Version 2.0: Includes Six Angles graphics, charts, and setup cards with units pre-selected.

I know next to nothing about making modules, but I’m curious - why has this module balooned from the 5.6MB original to 164MB now?

I quickly saw that the module includes a PNG file for the main map (approximately 10.000 x 7.000 pixels) with a size of 140 MB.
I think the size issue is due to that.

I have just submitted a module with a compressed map (a JPG file with essentially the same quality and a size of 12 MB), it should be available soon.

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Switching PNGs to JPEGs is typically not advisable, as it introduces artifacts. Better would be to run the PNG through an optimizer like optipng.

I had a look at your map and for this particular map and it’s size in relation to the pieces, I think using JPEG is fine.I also use JPEG for the maps in my modules (never for pieces) and the artifacts are not significant.

A PNG optimizer will have little affect as the colors are dithered right across the map. This is a typical result in scanned output.

Yes, I first tried a PNG optimiser but then opted for JPEG as there were no really visible artefacts and compression was significantly better.