Module update: The Drive on Metz

There is a new version (1.0-ch) of the module The Drive on Metz.

This version (DriveOnMetz-1.0-ch.vmod) implements the original game, as published in James F. Dunnigan’s The Complete Wargamers Handbook, and includes

  • Battle markers
  • Automatic odds markers
  • Automatic battle resolution
  • Automatic victory point calculations
  • Optional rules selection
  • Embedded rules
  • Moved and battle markers automatically cleared
  • Symbolic dice
  • Tutorial based Chapter 1 of James F. Dunnigan’s The Complete Wargamers Handbook

The module is based on my Print’n’Play version of the game available from BoardGameGeek and GitLab.

Note, the previous version of the module used the VPG edition of the game. The module page clarifies the differences.