Module Updates: GBACW - 3DoG (3rdEd) and RoD

The modules for GMT’s The Three Days of Gettysburg (3rd Ed) and River of Death have been updated.

These are similar to earlier versions but both modules have been tidied up and had some new features added to streamline game play.

Changes include

  • Dynamic SP markers on the counter with quick keyboard update (previous SP tracking methods are still supported if you prefer).
  • A find Units function that lists units in play (with different sort orders for sides) which will allow you to quickly locate that obscure unit at the bottom of a stack. Menu commands can be send directly to the counter and the list also contains graphics with unit status to assist in determining Bde/Div effectiveness. Units are listed by regimental titles to add to historical immersion.
  • An objectives list has been added to track victory hex ownership status.
  • A general tidy up with missing units and scenarios updated.

There have been a few incremental updates recently but V1.28c and V2.1c will be the last for a while unless a significant issue shows up.