More Age of Steam Maps, please!

I’d like to see some more Age of Steam Maps… particularly 2-player maps. There are several 2-player maps that are fan-produced and unpublished.

Age of steam Scotland is one of them. Below are links to some of the graphics for the boards.

I’ve tried editing the extensions for the three map files that come with VASSAL version 1.0 of AoS to no avail. I can’t seem to find adequate documentation to walk me through the process of making a map extension to add to the mix. (can someone explain me how?)

Here are graphics that no one will object to anyone using (they are unpublished, fan-made maps):



Alpha Centuri:






I have some other Age of Steam maps done for the module. It’s not very easy to do other expansions, I had to modify the original module plus create an extension template. There is some manual work in the extensions that has to be done including new graphic files. I have created a map editor that eases the pain of doing new maps, but you still have to do things like hand build the cube deck when it’s different from the standard.

Due to all the legal hoopla surrounding AoS plus needing to contact all the designers in question, I haven’t made my changes publicly available. If you want to contact me privately email me at or I’m on BGG as cparrott