More Turn Tracker Problems

I have a simple Turn Tracker with Year list, Inside that Month list, Inside that Week list.

Works ok for new games I setup/start up (e.g. choose a map and start from scratch new).

When I try to start up a scenario Ive previously setup, it plain doesnt work, Jumps all over the place. Refresh Counters, etc appears to do nothing this time. HELP, im at wits end again… images below

Turn Tree structure…
Screen Shot 2021-10-28 at 5.33.42 pm

Screenshot of how it advances in my old scenario… starts 1/SEP/1939 and then promply goes to 1935 then stupid…

Screen Shot 2021-10-28 at 5.35.41 pm


It’s hard to troubleshoot problems like this without the module in hand.

There are limits to how much you can change the structure of a module and and expect it work with saved games from an earlier version of that module. At some point, it becomes a different module. The Turn Tracker needs to keep track of where it is up to and what it’s structure is. What you are seeing is the turn order jumping through the options on the old turn tracker and then valiantly trying to display that in the new turn tracker.

The best I can offer is that you create a new Turn Tracker from scratch with a different name that contains all of the options and delete the old turn tracker from the module. Your pre-defined scenarios should now use this new turn counter. Players using existing games who want to keep using the old version of Turn Tracker will need to keep using the old version of the module.