Mouse-Over: Ignore (selected?) layers

The idea is that would be some mechanism by which one or more layers can be excluded from the piece image displayed by MouseOver… either a MouseOver setting (preferably) or some option in the Layer definition or a combination of the two.

If this is not feasible, perhaps just a MouseOver option to display the basic piece image, with no layers.

I usually just make several Mouseover entries on the same Map, and then have each one check a property or whatever (eg you could check the property that defines what layer something is in)

Maybe I’ve mis-understood or wasn’t clear; I want to exclude a layer but not the piece itself from showing. I think your suggestion would be to check a layer property but then I’d be excluding the entire piece, wouldn’t I ?

Oh I misunderstood - you’re correct. You want to hide some of the Layer components of your pieces and I thought you wanted to hide e.g. “the artillery units layer” or some such from a Game Piece Layers.