Mouse over, Mat unrotated, but cargo rotated Question

Hello everybody !
I write a module where a rectangular mat contain Square tokens as mat cargo.
The tokens have “maintain relative facing to mat” because when I rotate the mat, I want the tokens rotate in the same way.
it works.
sometime, I have to rotate only the Token, it works too.
but, when I “mouse over”, I can see the mat un-rotated, as I asked it in the map, but the token stay rotated.
is it normal, do I have to do something somewhere, or is it a bug ?
best regards

There is a ‘Show pieces in un-rotated state’ option in the Mouse-over viewer.

Yes, I have done it, perhaps I’ve been misunderstood, I’m not English speaker.
The mat is OK, the cargo, not

Thanks for reporting this, I was able to reproduce it in a simple module.

I agree, I think it is a bug and I have opened an issue for it, aiming to get it fixed in the 3.7.9 version.

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Many thanks!

Can you please try the VASSAL-3.8.0-SNAPSHOT-19bbb47-13176-cargo-rotation test build from Builds of vassalengine/vassal


It Works!
many thanks