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Appears to state an erroneous fact, as I just cannot get the beanshell suggested solution to work for the Summary Text Above Pieces section. The manual states: ’ Note: If you are using a Beanshell expression here instead of just substitution with $…$ then for sum you will need to use sumProperties as Beanshell has its own separate sum keyword as documented in Expressions.
I entered ‘{sumProperties(a2avalue)}’ and nothing shows up. However when I use ‘{GetProperty(“sum(a2avalue)”)}’ it works just fine. As does dividing that resultant number by 10.0 (to get any decimal number as well).
PS I also tried '$sum(a2avalue)$ and that also works except for the divide by 10, which just shows as /10.
I am most likely not doing something right, by the reference manual does not offer any further usage guidance. Numpties, like me, perhaps need a bit more.