Mouse-over to show unmasked piece

Perhaps there is a way to do this but I have not found it.

It would be useful if there was a mouseover option that allowed the owning player to view their piece unmasked.

There is a property called DrawingMouseover which will be true when the rollover is being drawn – it is designed to be check in things like Follows-Expression Layers, and can allow a piece to present itself differently while the rollover is being drawn. I’m not sure if you can manage to work that into something that only works for an owning player, but maybe.

The other thing is there is now an “Image Inset” version of Mask, which doesn’t do precisely what you want (showing the piece completely unmasked), but on the other hand unlike any of the other masking options will give you a full unobstructed view of the entire “face of the card” (just at slightly reduced and inset size)

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Thank you.

I didn’t know that. I think it answers a different question / request I put in a while ago; to allow layers to be handled differently during a mouseover. However, like you I doubt it will help with a Mask.

The issue isn’t what unmasked image is displayed. It is to do with whether or not Mouseover displays the piece unmasked at all. I tried to clarify this for myself. I should have mentioned that the pieces in question have masks set up with “peek”; like this:

I see now that Mouseover will display the piece as unmasked (to the owner, of course) but only if the piece is selected. This is presumably resulting from the normal masked “peek” behaviour.

For example; simple mouseover of a stack owned by the owning player (nothing selected):

Same owner, same mouseover but after the owner has selected the stack (e.g. click on the stack and then move the cursor to activate the mouseover):

Same as before, but this time only one piece selected in the stack:

I think it would be handy (at least as a mouseover option) if the mouseover displayed the moused-over pieces unmasked (ie to players authorised to view the unmasked piece, per example 2).

Good idea - PR is now here 10628 - Autopeek Rollover by Cattlesquat · Pull Request #10628 · vassalengine/vassal · GitHub

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