Mouseover viewer to show unflipped images

Looking for a method where the mouse over viewer will show the ‘unflipped’ face of game pieces, whether the pieces in a stack are flipped or unflipped. Initial thought is via trigger event; said event being the mouseover and mouseout events to trigger ^F for pieces where Flip=“true”. Probably also need to have a property that retains a piece’s flip status if the above ^F changes Flip to false.

I believe that I may have used the wrong names for these mouse events.

Search of the forum did not find much apart from 1 entry, viewtopic.php?f=6&t=10597&p=55909&hilit=mouse+over+flip#p55909, where ‘One of my players says he’s seen a module where when you mouse over your own flipped counter you see the front side. He can’t remember the module.’

Perhaps if someone knows this module I can get it and plagiarize it (well not really plagiarize, but definitely use if possible).

Not an out-of-the-box Vassal feature - it would require writing a custom java class – not for the faint of heart :slight_smile:

Sort of guessed that would be the case. As I’m not java programmer, nor have any experience with java (apart from a couple of forays when developing a couple of calculated properties), I will have to forget about this one. Drats. Thanks for your response.