Moved fixed distance command question

When I move a counter at least 1 hex with the mouse its gets marked moved from the main map setting 'Key command for units ending movement on this map. Command is ‘markcountermoved’ which is the marked moved named command. When I move the counter on the same map with the move fixed distance command (keystroke) the counter does not get marked moved. Not sure why?

If you are able to edit the module, this reply may be useful to you. Otherwise you will need to contact the module designer or someone else who can help.

There is a Module “Global Option” that will determine if “Send to Location” will generate a movement trail. Might be worth checking / trying this.

If this setting does not work, then consider how Send to Location could be used in place of Move Fixed Distance.

I guess the question I have, is does the moved fixed distance command trigger the Moved property to be true? It seems to me no but I am playing around with different combinations of main map settings and marked moved command.

I just remembered that the Command & Colors: Ancients module has a move fixed distance feature that works from the keyboard (extended keyboard, as it uses the numeric keypad) - that does show the movement trail and Send to Location is disabled for movement trails (that’s the default).

So something else is needed, maybe you need to make sure that the key that does the move fixed distance also turns on, or does not turn off, movement trails ?

I believe I have worked it out… If the marked if moved command is not used the Moved true/false property is not applied to the counter.
Thanks for your help.